Many Member Benefits

Squadron members gain access to higher levels of boating education.  If you want to gain extra skills in operating your boat in close quarters or off-shore, if you want to know more about boat electricals (a common curse), if you want to be better able to spot dangerous weather coming, all these and more are taught in United States Sail and Power Squadron Courses.

Then there's the simple pocketbook issue.  Most boat insurance companies offer significant discounts to Squadron members.  There are many other benefits too, from discounts at Sears to lodging discounts and the USPS national magazine The Ensign.

United States Power Squadron members qualify for access to CruisesOnly at member discounts.  Choose from offerings by 18 cruised fleets with a Best Price Guarantee.

From life and car insurance through boat equipment to rental cars, Power Squadron members save money.

For members who live active lives and make full use of the member benefits offered, it is possible to recover more than the annual dues in any year.

For more details on United States Power Squadron member benefits follow this link to National's Member Benefits page.