Education - It's What We Do!

Education.  It's What We Do!

Born out of a storm in 1914, The United States Power Squadrons were formed on the idea that educated boaters are safer boaters.  Although we have evolved into much more than just a teaching organization, teaching safe boating and advanced boating skills is still our foundation.

All courses are taught by trained, qualified instructors using current, high quality course materials.  Students are expected to pass a proctored exam in order to qualify.

We begin with America's Boating Course, the fundamental safe boating and boat handling course that satisfies the requirements of all US states that have a basic education requirement to qualify new boaters to operate  boats on their water.

Those who prefer human powered boating will be well served with our Paddle Smart seminar.

We move up through advanced skill courses to prepare boaters to safely and happily operate their boats on the nation's inland waterways or coastal waters, and proceed up all the way to the skills necessary for world cruising through courses in Seamanship, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Junior Navigation, and Navigation.  Complete all these courses and you are ready to follow in the wake of members before you who have moved aboard and traveled the world's oceans.

We offer elective courses to equip you to maintain your boat's engine and electronics / electrical system.  We offer courses in sailing, in weather, and in cruise planning.

If you find you enjoy the teaching / learning environment and you wish to give something back to the boating fraternity, you can take the Instructor Development course.

We offer seminars in GPS use and waypoint cruising, in weather, and in many other subjects.  Seminars are typically short, one to two hour programs which we sometimes feature as activities during our meetings.

As if all this was not enough, Squadron members also qualify for discounts on a number of guide booklets on a wide range of boating subjects.